*LLND is an international media artist duo merging sound, image and matter in an approach that combines physical reality, science, myth, technology, and real time.

Since they met in 2003, they have developed multiple participatory, innovative concepts in creating audio and visual instruments and art installations. Their works have been featured in many international art events and exhibitions.

*LLND stands for the initials of Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech, who have been based in Shanghai, China since 2009.

Nathalie is a graduate of ENSAD Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Her video and graphic art are often perceived as a poetic meeting of the psychedelic and surrealism. With strong colours and forms borrowed from a revisited reality, she gives life to inanimate objects.

Laurent is composer and self-taught electronic machinery builder. He explores sound and its multiple frequencies and rhythmic variations.


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