Imaginary Animal, 2016 
Gökçen Dilek Acay
Porcelain, metal and wood
51x150x80 cm

Imaginary Animal (2016) animates the nonliving
by means of public interaction. 

Human participants are forced to reckon with their role in the reduction of animal life on planet earth by manually turning a wheel in order to see the vertebrate of a dead animal “swim” again.

Inspired by the history of Homo sapiens′ emergence, this artwork examines the notions of authority, obedience, hierarchy and control mechanisms. This work aims to reveal how man′s relentless urge to objectify, and the way he interacts with other people is reflective of his relationship with animals, reflecting the power connotations

In combining the organic and the inorganic, the animate and the inanimate, Invisible Animal invites the viewers to contemplate the origin, the past and the possible future of human kind.

Future Primitive, 2016
Galeri Nev İstanbul 

Photo: © CHROMA

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